Best Practices for Association Executives Integrating New Technology

Forward thinking association executives are always looking for new ways to add value for their members. So when a social media platform such as Facebook launches a live video option it is tempting to try integrate the service as quickly as possible. While experimenting with new platforms can be rewarding for your association be wary of how many resources are dedicated to trend chasing.


According to a recent article on Association’s Now, association’s should balance their focus between primary marketing platforms like email or an internal social network and third party platforms like Facebook or Twitter. The piece has one standout message that is easy to forget: “These platforms have business needs that don’t match your own.”

This means that their focus changes, features can go away and what an algorithm deemed important one day can be deemed unimportant the next. So if your association spends time and money perfecting something like Facebook live there is no guarantee that Facebook will continue offering the service the way they have been or at all.

Social networks offer an unprecedented ability to connect with current members, the public and future members. So try new services that are offered by social networks but experiment with a plan.

  • Decide how much of your marketing budget you want to dedicate to experiments
  • Examine what is working for other brands, associations, and companies using the service
  • Do not be afraid to fail. Failure is part of experimenting so expect it and embrace it. You’ll learn something.

How does your association handle integrating new trends with current social media strategies? Let us know in the comments or on social media.