Association Hub Toolkits

Board Governance

A research-based, comprehensive guide to reforming and refining non-profit board structures. Using the Board Diagnostic Tool, you will learn how to establish appropriate roles for directors and staff, streamline board processes, and maintain a healthy relationship between Board and Management.

Strategy and Business Planning

A comprehensive resource for integrated strategic, operational, tactical and financial planning. Drawing on The Integrated Planning Model, the Toolkit applies a systematic, understandable approach to complex and often business-related concepts, for actionable plans that drive remarkable association results.

Communities of Practice

Developing attractive communities of practice is a resource-effective way to boost member satisfaction, and create a stronger bond between members and more value for membership. This Toolkit helps associations facilitate member connections that extend beyond traditional events.

Conferences and Events

Each event, convention, and conference hosted by an association contributes to the organizations image and reputation. The Conference and Event Management Toolkit teaches association managers the skills necessary to plan and execute winning and worthwhile events, and contribute real value to members.

Trade Show Strategy

Association exhibitions and trade shows generate replicable and sustainable revenue for associations, while also engaging and enhancing associationsmember communities. This Toolkit, supplies associations with the information and resources necessary to initiate, assemble, and implement impactful association exhibitions.

Project Portfolio Management and Decision Support

Provides association professionals with comprehensive training to implement a winning project portfolio management process. By selecting and managing portfolios of projects that best support your association's objectives, you will increase the likelihood of achieving your organization's strategy, apply scarce resources to the most important projects, and hone your skills in making complex decisions.

Project Management

A comprehensive policy and reference guide for the implementation of a simple and pragmatic association project management Process. This Toolkit is appropriate for the creation and implementation of an effective project management process for the initiation, planning and execution of all association projects.

Personal Branding

Professionals with strong, well-defined personal brands enrich the overarching brand of their association. This Toolkit assists association professionals in proactively defining and refining their personal brands, and in understanding how those brands can be used to direct their careers in objective and purposeful ways.

Social Media Strategy

Developing a relevant and effective social media strategy is fundamental to engage association member communities, especially if those communities include younger or principally online audiences. This Toolkit offers an informed approach and thorough guide to design an effective social media strategy.

Staff Recruiting and Engagement

Trains association managers in the fundamentals of recruiting, retaining, orienting, engaging, and evaluating association employees. This practical approach to human resources focuses on supplying managers with the knowledge and skills they need to develop competent, cooperative association staff teams.

Member Engagement and Retention

Presents association professionals with effective and integrated strategies for retaining and increasing their membership. This Toolkit helps managers to better understand how economics, demographics, and communications affect their membership, and how they can compensate for changes in their member base.

For Your Association Success

We've developed a set of toolkits, designed to help you master and implement a specific piece of strategy or operational improvement.

Every toolkit is created by a leading expert in association management.

Each toolkit is focused on a specific topic and contains everything you need to move forward to:

  1. Dramatically shortcut the development of each fundamental area of association strategy and management
  2. Quickly and systematically build the skills necessary for success

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The Toolkit Concept - Association Hub
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