Harp Arora Harp Arora

Harp Arora is the founder and principal of Sedona Communications, a communications agency specializing in marketing and social media strategy.

Lynn Beauregard Lynn Beauregard

Lynn Beauregard is President of T.O Corporate Services Inc., which provides a complete range of solutions for trade and professional associations.

Jim Beretta Jim Beretta

Jim Beretta is a trade show specialist and principal of strategic marketing at Customer Attraction.

Susan S. Bivins Susan S. Bivins

Sue Bivins has more than twenty-five years of management and leadership experience.

Paul Copcutt Paul Copcutt

Paul Copcutt is a Personal Career Communication Strategist, with over 15 years experience.

John Dinner John Dinner

John Dinner has worked with boards in every Canadian province and two of the three territories and the Caribbean.

Wendy Sue Lyttle Wendy Sue Lyttle

Wendy Sue Lyttle is a strategist and brings her extensive experience in membership marketing, member management, governance processes.

Penny Marrett Penny Marrett

Penny Marrett is the CEO of the United Way/Centraide for Windsor-Essex County.

Hubert Saint-Onge Hubert Saint-Onge

Hubert St. Onge develops, launches, and facilitates a prospering community of practice engaging members.

Peter Wright - Association Strategist Peter Wright

Peter Wright is a career association strategist and President of The Planning Group.