The 5 Truths of Association Planning – Part 2

Last week we explored the first 3 of 5 essential association planning truths. Below you’ll find the remaining undeniable truths that are always present for an organization’s strategy and planning methods.

Making Strategy is Not a Natural Skill.

Employees are promoted through organizations because of their operational skills, pure and simple. We must not expect that managers and leaders at a certain level will have an innate skill to plan. The first part in any successful planning effort is education. More importantly, we need to keep our expectations low the first couple times through the process and understand that like anything we will get better at planning with time and experience. Of course better planners make better plans.


There is no Growth Without a Plan.

Organizations without a plan are running on pure business momentum. Without a clearly stated intention to grow and the necessary actions, resources and investments, growth will stall. When growth stalls, organizations of all kinds begin to lose relevance and their core reason for being.

Ask yourself honestly about the level and efficacy of planning in your organization. Are you getting what you need from planning?

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