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The Association Strategy and Planning Toolkit is a comprehensive resource guide to help associations plan better. Built on The Planning Group's proprietary Integrated Planning Model, this Toolkit provides association management and boards a complete resource to ensure more effective and integrated strategic, operational, tactical and financial planning. This Toolkit will help you implement a best-in-class association planning process and create more practical, executable and measurable plans.

Without "dumbing it down" The Association Strategy and Planning Toolkit boils association planning down to a series of systematic, understandable concepts with a focus on the real integration that must be present for effective plans. After using the Toolkit, association professionals will be able to start applying what they have learned immediately to drive real planning results. The Toolkit includes a comprehensive set of supporting documents, models, audio training, templates and presentations for easy implementation within your association.

This toolkit is very comprehensive and includes 3 main resources

  1. Main Toolkit Documentation (more than 400 pages)
  2. 29 Toolkit Videos
  3. 50 Tools, Templates and Checklists

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This Toolkit covers these core concepts
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The Integrated Planning Model for Association Professionals

A Practical Approach to Understanding and Applying a Comprehensive Association Planning Framework to your Planning Process.

This model breaks down the key components into an easy to understand framework. You will learn

  1. How the four main components of Association Planning fit together in a successful Association Planning process.
  2. What Strategic Imperatives are, and their crucial role in a successful association plan.
  3. The basics of putting the Integrated Planning Model into practice within your association.


Your Role in Association Planning

This is an Overview of your Role in your Association's Planning Process. You will learn

  1. An overview of the role of meetings, facilitation, and the various planning documents.
  2. How to ensure internal participation in the process, and ownership and commitment to the plan.


Practical Vision

A good Vision Statement is an essential element of every good association plan, and one of the first things you should help articulate when it comes to planning. The Practical Vision Statement sets the tone for everything that follows in an integrated association plan. You will learn

  1. The principles of creating a practical, useful and compelling vision.
  2. The components of a great vision statement.
  3. A step by step process to create a Practical Vision Statement.


Strategic Imperatives

Strategic Imperatives are the single most important concept of the Integrated Planning Model. Strategic Imperatives are a series of strategic statements that describe the organization's focus over a relatively short period of time. You will learn

  1. What Strategic Imperatives are, and why they are so important to a successful association plan.
  2. The principles of creating Strategic Imperatives with real world examples.
  3. A step by step methodology to create Strategic Imperatives.


Operational Planning

Operational planning, its concepts and implementation are a large focus of the Association Planning Toolkit, and must be an important focus for your work. You will learn

  1. What Operational Planning is, and how it fits into the broader Integrated Planning context.
  2. How successful associations use operational plans to bridge the gap between strategy and execution.
  3. How to create an operational plan.


The Planning Execution Gap

The Planning Execution Gap provides a unique view on why so many association plans fail, and how to help your organization create a plan that works. You will learn

  1. How to identify the planning gap in your organizations planning process.
  2. The components of the gap, and how to address each component with a step by step approach.
  3. How to improve the strategic and operational foundations to shrink the planning/execution gap.


7 Deadly Mistakes of Association Planning

Effective planning is crucial to the success of big and small associations, and making any one of these mistakes can spell disaster. You will learn

  1. At least seven mistakes that are being made by all but the most forward thinking associations.
  2. How to recognize if your association is making similar mistakes.
  3. How to help your organization avoid making these mistakes.


Planning Best Practices

With a solid plan structure in place, moving planning from a static, yearly event to a more continuous basis is the most important step to creating and executing association plans with remarkable results. You will learn

  1. The big advances in business planning in the past decade, and the important lessons learned as theory was put into practice.
  2. How you can apply lessons from North Americas biggest organizations in your process.


Dynamic Planning

Dynamic Business Planning will help you take association planning to the next level, to help your organization create a planning process that is truly leading edge. You will learn

  1. The fundamentals of planning frequency and planning horizon.
  2. The principle of diminishing detail in Association Planning.
  3. How to establish a system of rolling business and financial plans.


Value Proposition

Without a clearly articulated, well understood, statement of value proposition, it's impossible for an association to describe a compelling vision and strategy. Value proposition is what an organization does, that will cause members to realize tangible benefit. You will learn

  1. What a statement of Value Proposition is and why it is important to the association plan.
  2. How to understand and articulate your Value Proposition.
  3. How the Value Proposition fits into the broader context of the association plan.


Project Planning

Project and tactical planning has been successful in many associations because the discipline around project management has really improved over the past 2 decades. Yet many associations still lack the discipline to clearly establish timelines and accountabilities that actually serve their strategy. You will learn

  1. How to ensure that project and action plans are tightly integrated with the overall association plan.
  2. An easy to use model for understanding and assigning responsibility and accountability in action plans.


Financial and Performance Measurement

Our focus on financial planning and measurability is to ensure that the "words and the numbers" work together. You will learn

  1. The Financial Plan key principles of integration.
  2. Structuring the financial plan to measure success and create the basis for ongoing measurement of progress against the plan.
  3. The secret of creating the perfect performance indicators

Planning for associations, like many aspects of association management, is not intuitive. In order to achieve significant results, association managers require preparation and an informed approach. The Association Planning Toolkit's step-by-step guide will ease managers through the more rigourous stages of the planning process. The result: actionable plans that drive remarkable association results.

Visit this page for a full understanding of the depth and breadth of the Association Strategy and Planning Toolkit.


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