Toolkits: Staff Recruiting and Engagement

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Penny Marrett - Staff Recruiting and Engagement

While association executives focus so much effort on engaging members, association employees provide vital services to their organizations and warrant a similar degree of attention. Association managers who foster good working environments for their staff typically observe increased member satisfaction. That satisfied association employees strive harder to satisfy association members is no secret within the sector.

The Association Human Resources Toolkit, designed by human resources strategy expert, Penny Marrett, trains association managers in the fundamentals of recruiting, retaining, orienting, engaging, and evaluating association employees. Marrett’s practical approach to human resources is a product of her background in non-profit organization management. Currently, she is the CEO of United Way-Centraide for Windsor-Essex County, Ontario. Marrett’s Toolkit focuses on supplying managers, whether they are human resources experts or novices, with the knowledge and skills they need to develop competent, cooperative association staff teams.

Through a series of examples and sample templates, The Association Human Resources Toolkit will demonstrate how association professionals can improve their recruitment strategies and employee retention rate. Model job descriptions, for example, reveal the proper method of attracting association personnel for particular roles. Sample interview guides, performance appraisal documents, and HR policies encompass yet another group of supporting documents that accompany this Toolkit. Along with these materials, The Association Human Resources Toolkit offers resources on many other elements of association human resources strategy, including:



  1. Developing the Job Description
  2. Promoting the Vacancy
  3. The Interview
  4. Making and Finalizing the Offer


  1. The secrets to successful onboarding of association employees


  1. Table of Contents for Employee Handbook
  2. Sample HR Policies



Performance Evaluations

  1. Performance Appraisal Documents

While The Association Human Resources Toolkit functions as a stand-alone guide, it can also be used to complement other Association Hub toolkits. Just as association member recruitment and retention strategies offer insights into engaging association employees, association staff HR strategies demonstrate the importance of cultivating strong employee-management relations. Cooperative association staff teams generate more contented association members.

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