Toolkits: Social Media Strategy

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Harp Arora - Social Media Strategy

Developing a relevant and effective social media strategy is fundamental to engage association member communities, especially if those communities include younger or principally online audiences. Unfortunately, many associations have limited resources available for social media. Most associations have limited expertise in social media strategies. For time-pressed associations, an informed approach to becoming a Twitter trailblazer or a Facebook aficionado both saves the association time and results in a more comprehensive and successful social media plan.

The Social Media for Associations Toolkit offers associations an informed approach and a thorough guide to designing social media for non-profit organizations. Shaped by key principles from business, marketing, psychology, sociology and business, the Toolkit encompasses both the art and the science of establishing an effective social media strategy. Brand strategist and principal of Sedona Communications, Harp Arora, supplies her expertise in building strong, engaged online communities in this Toolkit, and provides social media training on topics that include Facebook for associations, Twitter for associations, and LinkedIn for associations.

Arora's extensive experience in social media for non-profit organizations makes her Social Media for Associations Toolkit a time-saving and imperative resource. Accompanied by a complete set of templates, how-to articles, social media training examples, case studies, non-profit strategy tips, podcasts, and presentations, The Social Media for Associations Toolkit equips association managers with the tools necessary to launch a well-defined, non-profit social media strategy. In doing so, managers will initiate and grow their online media presence.

The structure and content of the Toolkit divides social media strategy into ten core concepts that include:


Building a Social Media Strategy Plan


Where to Focus Your Social Media Efforts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)


Social Media Tools and Resources to Help You Manage Your Online Presence


How to Develop Clear, Compelling, Credible Content


Timing, Frequency, and Length of Posts


Engaging Your Audience and Increasing Interaction


Using Social Media as a Research Tool


Monitoring and Responding to What Your Audience is Saying About You


Measuring Your Efforts


Examples and Case Studies of Both Successful and Failed Social Media for Non-Profits Initiatives

Establishing a unique social media presence in the online sphere is a learned and invaluable skill. The Social Media for Associations Toolkit will help associations with limited resources or little online literacy cultivate their online presence and navigate the social media landscape.

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