Toolkits: Project Portfolio Management and Decision Support

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Susan Bivins - Project Portfolio Management

Identifying, evaluating, selecting and managing a project portfolio is a considerable challenge for associations. Association managers who establish progressive project portfolio management processes ensure that their associations allocate resources to the projects that best satisfy their organizational goals and objectives. When equipped with portfolio management training, managers will better understand how to devise project portfolios under identified organizational constraints and with a given funding level in mind.

The Project Portfolio Management Toolkit provides association professionals with comprehensive training in designing a winning project portfolio management process. By selecting and managing portfolios of projects that best support their association's objectives, association managers and boards will increase the likelihood of achieving their strategies, develop productive procedures for portfolio management, and hone their decision-making skills. Susan Bivins, a specialist in project portfolio management training, lends her impressive expertise to this Toolkit. Bivins supplies project portfolio management tools, templates, and techniques that will assist managers in establishing sound project portfolio management processes and procedures.

While The Project Portfolio Management Toolkit addresses the portfolio management process, it does not provide instruction on how to manage individual projects, or project management alone. The Toolkit instead examines how to productively select and manage portfolios of projects that, in combination, best support achievement of organizational strategy, including multiple scenarios representing different funding levels and other constraints. Containing models, step-by-step examples, templates, and customizable presentations, The Project Portfolio Management Toolkit offers an array of supporting materials that will guide managers through the more challenging aspects of the project portfolio management process. Along with these materials, Bivins provides instruction on the following core concepts:


The Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Model and Roles


Integrating the Association's Strategic Plan and PPM


Making Better Decisions


Prioritizing the Association's Objectives


Building the Pool of Potential Projects


Making the Case for Candidate Projects


Prioritizing the Association's Candidate Projects


Selecting the Association's Portfolio


Incorporating Constraints, Risks and "What If" Scenarios


Implementing and Governing the Association's Portfolio


Evaluating Project and Portfolio Performance

Developing a robust project portfolio management process allows associations to effectively and efficiently apply their limited resources to opportunities that best support achievement of organizational objectives. The Project Portfolio Management Toolkit steers association managers through the portfolio management process, enabling them to design decision-making mechanisms that drive real project portfolio results.

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