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Paul Copcutt - Personal Branding

Association professionals with strong, well-defined personal brands enrich the overarching brand of their association. By leveraging the strengths of their leadership, associations build more precise and more potent brands for their organizations, while also facilitating the individual development and improved decision-making of their leaders and boards.

The Personal Branding Strategy Toolkit assists association professionals in proactively defining and refining their personal brands, and in understanding how those brands can be used to direct their careers in objective and purposeful ways. Designed by personal branding expert, Paul Copcutt, the Toolkit centres on Copcutt's "8 Pillars of Personal Brand Leadership". As founder of the personal branding consultancy, Square Peg Solutions, Copcutt teaches business and association professionals how to identify the unique personal traits that make them valuable assets to their organizations.

Employing the personal branding tips and templates included in The Personal Branding Strategy Toolkit, creating "your personal brand" becomes less daunting. The Toolkit's content offers practical, easy-to-follow steps that simplify personal branding strategies and allow association leaders to build their career plans around their new brand. Supplemented by an impressive array of supporting documents, The Personal Branding Strategy Toolkit provides effective instruction for all association professionals, from the brand beginner to the personal branding expert. Models, audio training, personal branding templates, and presentations encompass just a few of the supporting materials in this Toolkit.

Drawing on Copcutt's "8 Pillars of Personal Brand Leadership", the Toolkit covers the following:


Personal Branding - What It Is and Why You Should Care


Visualize - Appointing the VP's of Your Life and Career


Clarify - Understand What Makes You Different and Unique


Conceive - Making a Statement and Living Up to It


Communicate - Finding the Right Tools and Mediums


Engage - Follow the Plan and Maintain Visibility


Evolve - Review, Research, Refine, Rebrand


Conclusion and Summary - Becoming a Personal Branding Expert

Association branding helps leaders and board members to pinpoint and profit from their unique abilities, and then to shape those abilities into an individual hallmark: a personal brand. By harnessing the strengths of their leadership, associations maximize their own strength as a collective body. The Personal Branding Strategy Toolkit then, supplies actionable insight for associations both as individual members and as a collective organization.

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