Toolkits: Member Research and Feedback

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Veronika Kopcik - Member Research and Feedback

Maintaining and enhancing member satisfaction, while attracting new members, is a crucial and ongoing challenge for associations. All associations possess a means of gauging member satisfaction and engagement as a critical basis for improvement. By properly collecting and analyzing the views of their membership, association managers better understand how to enrich their members’ experiences within their organizations.

The Association Member Survey Toolkit offers managers a complete guide to conducting meaningful and constructive surveys of their members. While many associations use surveys and other feedback tools in order to review their services, few understand the complexity of the survey process and how to gain actionable insight from their results. The Association Member Survey Toolkit provides thorough instructions for each stage of surveying, from planning the survey and attaining "buy-in" from key stakeholders, to tracking the changing views of an association’s membership.

An expert in survey design, execution, and analysis, Research Bridge President, Veronika Kopcik introduces associations to the more intricate elements of successful surveying. In the Toolkit, Kopcik examines how to write survey communications that will entice members to participate, how to produce survey content that will generate valid and reliable data, and how to analyze and prepare survey findings that will create a positive impact on management and the member community. Additionally, The Association Member Survey Toolkit distinguishes between surveys conducted in-house and those outsourced to a provider. By following the Toolkit’s detailed instructions, association managers will select both the type of survey and the provider that best suits their association’s needs.

The Association Member Survey Toolkit includes customizable samples and templates. Examples of effective survey questionnaires, comprehensive survey reports, and many types of survey-related communications will facilitate associations’ survey development. The Toolkit encompasses the following key concepts:


In-house vs. Outsourced Membership Surveys


Planning the Survey


Survey Administration


Survey Communication Strategies


Survey Content Design


Basic Data Analysis


Advanced Data Analysis (Getting More Out of Your Data)


Preparing Survey Reports


Sharing and Distribution of Survey Results


Action Planning


Repeating the Survey


The 10 Deadly Mistakes of Surveying Your Members


The Rewards of Doing It Right

The health of an association lies within the satisfaction and continuing involvement of its members. The Association Member Survey Toolkit ensures that associations keep pace with their membership as its views and needs evolve.

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