Toolkits: Member Engagement and Retention

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Wendy Sue Lyttle - Member Engagement and Retention

Over the past decade, the traditional models of membership retention and growth have changed. As regions develop new economic and demographic profiles, association managers must adapt their membership recruitment, member management and retention schemes in order to capture the interest of prospective association members. When equipped with new member management, engagement and recruitment techniques, association professionals will satisfy current association members while stimulating overall membership growth.

The Member Management Toolkit presents association professionals with effective and integrated strategies for retaining and increasing their membership. The Toolkit will help managers to better understand how economics, demographics, and communications affect their membership, and how they can compensate for changes in their member base by offering new association member benefits or altered membership dues. Attracting more association members means a more stable and sustainable revenue stream for the organization.

Wendy Lyttle, a specialist in membership marketing and Principal of LAL Association Member Services, offers logical and knowledgeable insight into non-profit membership management. Using association member decision models, Lyttle's Member Management Toolkit allows managers to tailor their approach to meet the needs of their members. In addition, the Toolkit explores a series of core concepts on association member satisfaction, such as:


Association Members Matrix Tool - Identify Membership Strengths and Weakness


Standard and Innovative Membership Models


The Will to Change Membership Dues


Your Role as Champions of Change


External Benchmarking Against Your Profession


How to Implement Dues Structure Change


Making Plans Measurable

Association members seek out intriguing and innovative organizations to join. Meeting the challenge of changing membership models and maintaining membership levels over time are significant stumbling blocks for associations. The Member Management Toolkit helps association professionals confront membership challenges with a plan in mind. Well-informed and well-executed membership plans ensure that associations adapt quickly and effectively to changes in their member base.

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