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Susan S. Bivins, MSPM, PMP, has more than twenty-five years of management and leadership experience dedicated to delivering successful information technology, organizational change management, and professional consulting services projects for major global corporations. She specializes in project and portfolio management; international, multi-cultural and multi-company initiatives; and business strategy integration in the private and public sectors.

During her career with IBM, Susan S. Bivins managed multiple organizations and complex projects, including operations and support for the Olympics, and a strategic transformational change program. Since retiring from IBM, she has led multi-company joint initiatives with Hitachi, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems, and served as Director of Project Management at Habitat for Humanity International. Susan is co-author of the book Mastering Project Portfolio Management (J. Ross Publishing, Inc.) and several articles on project portfolio management. Presently, she consults with organizations seeking to optimize strategic benefit from their project portfolios, and is a member of the Advisory Council for the Enterprise Management Association - International.

Susan S. Bivins earned her Master of Science in Project Management from the Graduate School of Business at The George Washington University, where she received the Dean's Award for Excellence and was admitted to the Beta Gamma Sigma business honorarium. A member of the Project Management Institute (PMI), she contributed to the PMI Standard for Portfolio Management, is currently serving as a subject matter expert on the PMI Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3) Standard 3rd edition team, and volunteers as a mentor to young project managers.

In her spare time, Susan Bivins likes running and water-skiing, and has served on the boards of her community jazz festival and arts council. She can be reached via e-mail at

Recent Publications


Mastering Project Portfolio Management -
A Systems Approach to Project Portfolio Management
, with Michael J. Bible
J. Ross Publishing, Inc.,
Fort Lauderdale, FL.,
September, 2011

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Evaluating Strategic Project and Portfolio Performance, Journal of Project, Program and Portfolio Management,
with Michael J. Bible
Volume 3, No 1,
September 24, 2012

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Evaluating Strategic Project Portfolio Performance, PM World Journal,
with Michael J. Bible
Volume 1, Issue 3,
October, 2012
Republished with permission from 6th UT Dallas Project Management Symposium, with Michael J. Bible

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A Transformational Change at IBM (White Paper), PM Symposium, University of Texas Dallas, August 2013
(In Progress)

Recent Testimonials
About Susan S. Bivins

Sue demonstrated her strength in managing a complex project involving three companies, each with different objectives and cultures. She possesses a sensitive and effective people leadership style, a tremendous work ethic, the ability to build and execute a unique common business plan, and the toughness to manage a project and its deliverables to the plan. She is smart, writes well and has the presence to present well to all levels..." Chief Scientist, Hitachi Data Systems
Sue earned the respect of her subordinates, peers, and senior executives because of her command of project management, her effective mentoring, and her ability to lead. During her time here, Sue's knowledge, intelligence, sensitivity and just plain hard work made a significant positive difference in our ability to define and manage initiatives and projects..." CFO, Habitat for Humanity International
Sue has shown that she can be a highly effective leader, and can manage and lead without designated authority as well as with direct reports. She was consistently ranked in the top 10% of her management peers..." Business Unit Executive, IBM
Sue is highly intelligent, creative and sensitive to the needs of people. She is considered tough, but empathetic and fair. In the case of the corporate transformation project, she demonstrated extraordinary vision, a tremendous capacity for hard work, and the tenacity and sensitivity necessary to achieve such significant organizational change..." Vice President, IBM

About Her Book

This book is a "must read" comprehensive Portfolio Management guide on "how to" execute PPM processes. ...Kudos to Bible and Bivins for providing a hands-on "end to end" approach to project portfolio management..." Director of Portfolio Management, Large Insurance Company
...this book offers a roadmap to successfully navigate the complexities of PPM. In this regard I believe the authors were quite successful. I intend to use this book as one of my PPM references over the next number of years..." Graduate Student and MBA Candidate, Oxford University
By providing organizations with better decision processes and practices for selecting and managing their project portfolios, this book makes a unique and lasting contribution to the field..." Founder, Large Consultancy a recognized expert in decision making, prioritization, and resource allocation, I strongly recommend the Bible & Bivins book for the ...award. It enhances the value of PPM methodologies for all organizations, large and small..." CEO and Professor of Decision Sciences