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For more than 16 years, John T. Dinner Board Governance Services has been helping clients across sectors achieve their organizational objectives through excellence in board governance. His work has taken him to every almost province and territory, as well as regular board training assignments in Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago. He has worked with associations of all sizes: from local grassroots non-for-profits to national organizations representing financial and human resources professionals, financial institutions, hydro-electricity providers, architects, accountants, corporate secretaries, agribusiness, industry, education, realtors and others.

Association board members and organizational leaders value John Dinner's insights, practical approach and ability to facilitate needed governance change or transformation. Non-profit board of directors value his relevant knowledge and expert presentation and facilitation skills in non-profit board consulting, training and development.

Understanding the Needs of Non-Profit Boards of Directors

John's hands-on, in-the-trenches non-profit board work helped develop and refine leading edge governance practices, including director recruitment, non-profit board education, meeting effectiveness and best practices, information management and decision-making, and board and director performance evaluations. He knows and understands the needs of directors and organizational leaders on a first-hand basis.

John Dinner is:

  1. a founding member of The Directors College faculty (McMaster University);
  2. a regular conference presenter and workshop leader;
  3. a recipient of the National Award in Governance;
  4. a contributor to the Joint Committee on Corporate Governance; and,
  5. a widely published author and media spokesperson on board and association governance topics.

Outside of his work with association and other boards, John Dinner has completed extensive volunteer work in the village of Wakisi, located along the Nile River in Uganda. In Wakisi, John led groups and oversaw the land purchase and construction of an orphanage there. He also contibutes to his community on a weekly basis by helping high school aged immigrants to Canada with their homework.

Recent Association Testimonials

It's not often that you can claim to have a great day discussing governance but John Dinner can make it happen. Just spent a day with John as he guided our Board to move further in our governance practice. John's skills include a truly deep understanding of the theory and realities around governance issues plus a finely-tuned ability to keep his audience truly engaged. Terrific use of my time!" Anne MacKay, Board Member at Conestoga College Alumni Association
Your presentation delivered precisely the type of information with wisdom that we strive to provide our guests. The feedback we have received from attendees is wonderful, praising your presentation, highlighting tips that they discovered with you. A truly engaging session!" Todd Letts, President & CEO: Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce
John brought a great wealth of experience and stories to put a real face to the theory and practice of good governance.

Good discussion and content. I found this session particularly helpful. John is a fantastic speaker; he really seemed to understand the issues facing participating organizations.

This session was fabulous. It was relevant and there were clear and practical "take-aways" as to how our board can improve..." Participants, Capacity Waterloo Region Governance Program