Toolkits: Conferences and Events

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Lynn Beauregard - Conferences and Events

An essential part of an association's value to its members lies in the appeal and success of its planned events. Each event, convention, and conference hosted by an association contributes to the organization's image and reputation, whether that contribution is positive or negative. While the intricacy of event planning may make it seem daunting, the information and expertise required to plan successful, positive events and conferences is readily available.

The Conference and Event Management Toolkit teaches association managers the skills necessary to plan and execute winning and worthwhile events. Non-profit and professional organization expert, Lynn Beauregard, employs her expertise in this Toolkit in order to make the more rigorous stages of conference and event planning accessible to association professionals. She outlines an association "event planning continuum" that specifies how to schedule and forecast events, the elements of execution and implementation, and some techniques and tips that will help managers avoid common convention planning pitfalls. Whether the event planned is a multi-day conference, a golf tournament, or a gala, The Conference and Event Management Toolkit provides event planning resources that can be tailored to fit almost any event for associations.

Like planning for conferences, events and conventions; attention to detail features prominently in the design and layout of The Conference and Event Management Toolkit. Included in the Toolkit is an event planning checklist, several event planning templates, a conference planning template, among other materials. Together, these supporting documents develop a comprehensive guide to conference, event, and convention planning that covers the following core concepts:


Site and Venue Selection


Critical Path Planning


Budget and Financial Management


Program Development


Registration Management


Marketing and Communications


Sponsorship Development, Sales and Management


Materials Sourcing and Supplier Management


Venue Liaison and On-site Management

Well-received and positively-reviewed association events and conferences engage members and become a source of pride for the organization. Many association members tie value to the events held by their organization. The Conference and Event Management Toolkit, consequently, becomes a means of not only hosting successfully events, but also of maintaining and enhancing an association's membership.


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