Choosing The Right Association Management Company For Your Association

When Associations make the choice to go with an Association Management Company (AMC) it can be challenging to decide on which one. Each one claims that they will do the best job for you and will do your best to impress you. After seeing a series of great presentations for similar services it can be hard to distinguish between who has the best presentation and who will give you the best service for your money.

Ensure you are getting the best deal and experience possible by doing the three things below while meeting with AMC’s.

Be Prepared. Be direct with what you expect from your AMC. Is it membership growth? Accounting? Social media and ad management? AMC’s offer a suite of services so be sure to know what you want for your association and why. Make sure each one you talk to can fulfill everything you need for you association and keep good track of how much they are charging for what.

Ask for examples. Likely there was a moment that caused your association’s board to decide to seek out an AMC. Explain the situation and be clear about where your association is in everything from membership to finances. Then ask how the AMC has dealt with other clients in a similar position to your association. A good AMC will have plenty of experience dealing with situations like yours and should be able to walk you through in exact terms how they can improve your situation.

Set tangible goals. AMC’s aren’t magical. They cannot fix each one of your association’s issues in a single day. So share with your prospective AMC’s what you want to accomplish and have them say honestly whether those goals are realistic. Strong AMC’s will be able to estimate a timeline to accomplish them. They will also tell you which goals they cannot reach for you. This clear communication is essential.

What are your tips for selecting for a great AMC? Let us know in the comments or through social media.