Association executives can promote themselves with targeted campaigns

A sharp-eyed association executive must be constantly on the lookout for ways to promote their organization's brand. This is especially true if they have an idea that can offer publicity without costing a significant amount of money—which many associations, especially small ones, do not have access to.

Consider a recent promotion that the American Heart Association (AHA) is carrying out.

According to an article on Associations Now, the AHA is asking CEOs from various major companies to join a push to lead healthier lifestyles and, in turn, encourage their employees to join them. The program is known as the AHA CEO Roundtable.

"With the AHA CEO Roundtable, we're starting a movement to transform the culture of the workplace to meaningfully engage employees to take simple steps that can dramatically reduce their risk of heart-related death and illness," AHA CEO Nancy Brown said in a statement. "Together with some of the country's most influential CEOs, we are working to tackle this issue head-on, share best practices, and identify cutting-edge, new programs to help get America heart-healthy."

The problem, as noted by a recent Nielsen survey, is that while the majority of employees report that they are in good health, a significant number end up being diagnosed with chronic conditions. The AHA believes that CEOs can lead by example and encourage employees to adopt healthier lifestyles and be more honest about managing their own health.

Of course, the AHA is a large association with many resources, but small organizations could use this same strategy to promote themselves and a cause that they believe in.

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