What can association executives learn from member elections?

In a U.S. presidential election, we can learn a whole lot about voter preferences, based on who they choose to represent them. The same line of thinking should be applied to member elections within associations. Voting is important for these groups as well, and association executives must encourage it.

It's true, of course, that you won't have CNN anchors to analyze the results of your organization's vote tallies. But, according to an article on Associations Now, there is still plenty of information available to those who go looking for it.

"Advanced election analytics reporting is similar to a census report—you can further understand active member demographics, how they're interacting, when and why they're doing it," Tim Masden, of Survey & Ballot Systems, told the news source. "This information is incredibly useful for planning future elections as well as high-level strategic planning."

This is particularly true in the case of large elections, during which members vote by computer on association websites. Masden added that by monitoring and analyzing election data, association executives can learn about which devices, operating systems and internet browsers voters prefer to use when they cast their digital ballots. They can also go even further by identifying additional features that members may be using when they vote. These include smartphones, QR codes, calendar reminders or single sign-on settings. 

Why is all of this important? On the surface, it gives associations a better picture of who their voters are. But more importantly, it gives association executives the tools they need to improve the organization's voting system in such a way that will make it easier to vote.

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